Hyland’s Teething Tablets No Longer Sold, but Hyland’s Homeopathic Stands Strong

The YouTube video recognizes the importance of a mother raising a child. Hyland’s Health has been around for over 100 years bringing mothers together and helping them support their babies. The brand knows that raising one can simply be challenging, stressful, and tiring, but Hyland’s understands the value of mothers and supports them. Their Instagram account, Hylandshealth, has also been beautifully crafted with images of their logo, caring mothers with their children, and their products that help mothers with any pains that include cramping or irritation. They also have their own products to help combat the common cold and flu. Overall, the Instagram profile shows images of caring mothers and happy children with them. The company also has images of past holidays like Christmas and Easter, that many people certainly enjoy. Their Facebook account is more of the same with posts of children with their mothers, along with pictures of people who have won giveaways and other events. They can also be reached by their own phone number listed on Facebook or be contacted via their own website. On the about page of their Facebook, it gives a rundown of their milestones, along with some basic information about the company. Hyland’s Homeopathy creates products that are natural and that will be effective in turn for increasing the body’s defense system. The brand was founded in 1903 and started off in Los Angeles. Since then, their line of products have been trusted by many and they have expanded over the years with different medicines, creating retail stores, and building up their social media presence. Videos can be found on the profile, along with their line of products to battle upset stomachs, motion sickness, and pain relief. Hylands overall is a brand catered to families and their beloved children.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets were helpful to mothers for years, but they are no longer sold. Thankfully Hyland’s still carries an amazing line of products for mothers and their young children.


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