Infinity Group Australia: Awards Follow Success

For years, Graeme Holm worked in the banking industry, but became unsatisfied with the choices and quality of service being offered to Australian families from such institutions. So, in 2013, Graeme Holm along with his partner Rebecca Walker, began Infinity Group Australia with the vision of helping Australians become more financially secure. Holm realized that most families were living from paycheck to paycheck, making only minimum payments on loans, and he wanted to see that change.


His mission has experienced great success, and his company is seeing rapid growth as families are reducing debt and learning money management strategies. Infinity Group Australia offers debt reduction, wealth creation, and retirement solutions for families. Graeme Holm likes to use the analogy of his company being a “personal trainer for your finances.” Just as a client who works with a personal trainer in the gym gets better results, so will a client who works with Infinity Group Australia.


One area families were struggling with was with the mortgage market. Through his research, Holm found that families were not receiving the proper services of support and advice. His company changed this for clients, having them work with a personal banker to guide them through the process of quickly paying off loans. Families receive ongoing support and help with developing and sticking to weekly budgets, that operate on cash only. Infinity Group Australia reviews progress periodically and adjusts as needed to keep cliens on track. In an incredible statistic, 100% of the families working with the company pay more of their home loan off in three months than they did in twelve months on their own.


Graeme Holm runs his life and his business on being positive and productive, with a daily top five list of goals. This drive and dedication has helped Infinity Group Australia experience enormous success and earn numerous awards for customer service and innovation. One particularly prestigious award was to rank as the 58th most innovative company by the Australian Financial Review in 2018. Over one thousand companies were in the ranking process, so it represented quite an honor for the company to rank so highly. Holm was excited about the achievement, and credited his team for their part in landing the spot on the list. Awards and recognition are nice, but Graeme Holm seems to be keeping his focus on making a positive impact in the financial lives of everyday Australians. Learn more:

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