Guilherme Paulus: Creating the biggest tour company in the Latin America

Guilherme Paulus is the founder GJP chain hotels. There are about 20 hotels under the management of GJP. It is the largest group of hotels in the country. Paulus has been concentrating on creating resorts for tourist visiting Brazil. The hotels are located in different parts of the country to ensure that visitors in all parts of the country benefit from good services that his company is providing. Although he created these hotels with the aim of netting as many tourists as possible, he has not failed to capture the local tourists who are also impressed by the kind of work he has done. See more of Guilherme Paulus on facebook.

Guilherme Paulus is happy about the opportunities which are available in the country right now due to the kind of developments he has brought. Hundreds of people are employed, and the economy is now blossoming. He has created a multi-billion industry which is benefitting the economy of Brazil. Apart from GJP hotels, he is the founder of CVC Tour Company, the biggest tour company in Brazil and one of the biggest in the world. He created this company out of a passion for traveling. He had to leave a good career as a computer technician in his 20s to concentrate on the hospitality business.

Guilherme Paulus was born in Sao Paulo in 1949. After establishing CVC at the age of 24, he embarked on making it a leading company. From 1972, his efforts were on one thing and one thing only, making this business internationally recognized firm. With his natural business skills, he managed to grow the company to the levels he wanted. In 2013, CVC became a public traded company. Today, it is a multi-billion business which attracts about $5 billion every year. CVC has taken over the tourism industry in Brazil, and there is no other company which even come close to doing what Guilherme Paulus has done with this company.

CVC is a premier tour company in Brazil and one of the biggest in the world. In the Latin American region, it is the biggest. It is improving its business fortunes by investing in other fields such as tourism.

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