Aloha Construction is Amazing!

To have your company name featured on the Better Business Bureau’s website is a big deal and an honor that only comes to businesses of superior standing within in their field. Aloha Construction has taken it a step further and earned an award for their excellent ethics in business.


Aloha is a dedicated family owned general contracting business located in Lake Zurich, Illinois. They well-known business is operated by a family with a determination to provide great service in the community and surrounding areas. They specialize in installing siding as well as repairing and replacing roofing as needed.


The Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics from the Better Business Bureau is granted to businesses who have displayed exceptional business ethics, sound leadership, and social responsibility. The award originated in 1996 and puts businesses through an intense screening process by an independent group of judges. It is no easy feat to be awarded The Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics by the Better Business Bureau, and businesses must show clear and concise adherence to the Bureau’s guidelines in order to be awarded. Many companies don’t make it this far and Aloha Construction deserves to be celebrated for this win.


The company has garnered recognition for receiving the award and for good reason. They were found to have made steady contributions to their community over the years. They are dedicated and driven to provide the best service to their customers and community. This made the decision of awarded the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics an easy decision.


To be awarded with the Torch, companies must be committed to ethical practices, business organization through outstanding leadership, ethical communications, ethical human resource practices, and support of other businesses within the community. All those interested in more information about Aloha Construction are encouraged to visit their informative website.

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