Robert Ivy Of The American Institute Of Architects Has Won The Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy is the current CEO for the American Insitute of Architects, where he has been serving for just over eight years now. Robert’s contributions to the company have brought in more members over the years and brought in a whole new level of growth for the company. Since he first entered the industry back in 1996, Robert Ivy has been focused on improving the architecture field as a whole rather than just trying to improve his own standing or become famous in his own right.

Today, Robert Ivy’s contributions are being recognized because he was given the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississippi Insitute of Arts and Letters. This award usually goes out to artists or performers that are natives to Mississippi. Although Robert Ivy is a native, he certainly isn’t an artist or performer, but his contributions to the field of architecture are certainly bar-none throughout the community. Read more about Robert Ivy at Wikipedia.

Robert Ivy has worked hard to improve the architecture field through his own work as well as through his writing and speaking. Over the years, Robert has spoken around the world at different conventions surrounding architecture and he has published hundreds of different articles and books combined about the subject as well.

Not only is Robert Ivy the only architect to ever win the Lifetime Achievement Award, but he is one of just seven people who has been given the title of master architect. In the past century, this award has only been given out seven times to show recognition for those who go above and beyond to improve their field. Robert’s extraordinary award may come as a surprise and a first of its kind, but Robert has been winning awards since he first entered the industry and will continue to do so with his award-winning work ethic and dedication to help everyone succeed.



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