Igor Cornelsen: The Rise of A Prudent Financial Investment Manager

Igor Cornelsen, the Brazilian banker-turned-investor is a man who has defied all odds and challenges to rise to his current position in the financial investment sector. Igor’s career kicked off perhaps turbulently. He enrolled to a university to study engineering, only to change his course later on and take economics after completing his engineering degree. After graduating in 1970, he used his time and resources to sharpen his investment management skills which later landed him a job at a bank in his home country, Brazil. Soon afterward, he rose ranks to become an investment banker with Multibank in Rio de Janeiro.

His prowess and expertise in investment baking made him promoted to serve as Multibank’s CEO just 2 years after his appointment. However, his career in Brazil was cut short when Multibank was sold to the Bank of America. Armed with vital experience, however, he moved to London’s Libra Bank PLC where he became an investment manager. Using his position, he managed to revolutionize the investment profile of the bank and turn its financial performance for the better.

Igor’s investment policy revolves around being prudent as far as observing the various economic pointers are concerned. He draws much of this knowledge from his own experience when he was running his investments in the financial markets in Brazil. Observing the economic indicators that shape Brazil’s economy, Igor could make financial decisions that his peers would dispute yet turn out to be on the right side.

Igor Cornelsen attributes his prudence and success in investment management to the fact that he mainly relies on the use of primary sources of information rather than opinionated information rendered through the financial analysts. Igor, who has had failures before, believes that new investors should be prudent in choosing their markets to minimize the prospects of making losses in the volatile markets.

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