Louis Chenevert- Career growth

Louis Chenevert is the former CEO of American business conglomerate known as United Corporation Technologies. This is one of the companies in the United States which is worth billions of dollars. It is made up of multi-billion dollar companies such as Pratt & Whitney which specializes in the production of jet engines. Since the company was established, it has been offering great products to the customers.

The success of Louis Chenevert as a business came after many years of working hard and facilitating development in other companies. Since he was young, he developed interests in running businesses. As he grew up, he focused on learning the essentials of running a business. Even after joining the university, he took a degree in production management so that he could help businesses streamline their production operations in such a way that they could lower the cost of production while at the same time offering high-quality products.

Louis Chenevert goal is to help companies to enjoy good profits arising from applying effective production methods. Efficiency in production is everything in a business. If the production department is not working right, then there will be problems in the whole organization.

Louis Chenevert career started at General Motors where he worked in the assembly line. He gained experience for 14 years in the auto industry and then decided to shift to the aerospace industry. That is when he joined Pratt & Whitney and helped it to lower the production time of one jet engine from 2 years to 9 months. To him, 2 years was such a long time for production. He introduced changes that streamlined the operations and soon Pratt & Whitney was producing more engines and making even more profits. He also came up with the plan to develop the geared turbofan jet engine. The project was completed when he was the CEO of UTC, but he played a significant role in funding it to completion.


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