Why Professionals Such as Drew Madden are Essential to the American Healthcare Industry

Healthcare enthusiasts will be delighted to learn about the recent revelations by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). The association reported its 2018’s expectations for the healthcare industry. While there are many aspects that will gain a new bearing, informatics, data analytics, clinical documentation, and privacy and security are leading the pack.

Healthcare providers are expecting an activity-full 2018, and they will demand simplified methods of engaging their customers. Data analysts will come in handy in providing such simplified means such as new payment models.

On informatics, AHIMA is betting on data experts streamlining data capturing mechanisms of electronic health records. This way, physicians and other users of EHR will have an easy time utilizing the system. The security of data generated by patients through mobile apps has been the subject of discussion for an extended period. However, experts are likely to find a lasting solution this year, according to AHIMA. In addition, developing interfaces and dashboards for telehealth services is likely to be at the forefront of data expert’s agenda this year.

As per the AHIMA report, there are data related policies that will shape 2018’s healthcare landscape. Some of the policies pertain to “minimum necessary” requirements, mental health information, and data sharing as directed by provisions of 21st Century Cures Act and HITECH Act.

Drew Madden

He is an expert in matters electronic medical records (EMR). Madden has dedicated a significant part of his life—over ten years—to implementing, troubleshooting, and solving other EMR related challenges. He is among experts that AHIMA is calling to action.

Apart from EMR, Madden is a team leader whose tenure at the helm of Nordic Consulting Partners attracts admiration and envy in equal measure. He transformed Nordic from small firm with only ten employees to a medium-sized company with over seven hundred staff. What’s more, Madden persuaded over 147 new client partners to work with Nordic improving the company’s revenues by 12,900 percent. Nordic is the globe’s leading Epic consulting firm and boats of several KLAS awards for consulting excellence. Madden is presently the managing partner at Evergreen Health Partners.

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