What Mystic River led to Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff?

Sean Penn, noted actor and activist, is headed down a different path these days. Today, his latest works cannot be found on screen, but instead, in print. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, is his latest form of written prose. This new creative outlet was no hurried choice for him, but one that grew through the years of acting. Penn’s gradual move to writing has allowed his voice to finally be heard in his chosen format, without any added influence, money or social status. He relishes in the power that he owns his words and creativity. Penn’s choice to move toward writing has given us a different perspective of his voice. And it’s just what he wants us to hear in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.


In his first publication, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Penn’s satirical voice takes on a multifaceted character, Bob Honey. Bob Honey’s character was born out of a audiobook which Penn was a part of. Bob’s character evolved and was given a bigger voice and background, through this new book from Penn. In Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Penn touches on current political issues through his character, Bob. Bob’s life mirrors Penn’s view on everything in today’s culture, including the current presidency, to the #MeToo movement. And he doesn’t pull any punches with either.


In Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Penn gives Bob Honey license to reflect on his childhood, comparing it to the erratic world he now lives in, as an adult. Penn’s striking satirical views of today’s culture can be heard loudly through Bob Honey’s character. These are views that were previously well-masked in his previous work in film. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has given Penn another chance to express his feelings about today’s America in a direct, and at times, dark way. Written in Penn’s complex dramatic tone, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, has given Sean Penn another chance for us to see life through his eyes.

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