Madison Street Capital Service Excellence Wins Hearts

Madison Street Capital is one of a growing number of investment banking institutions with a steady rising reputation. According to a report published on Affiliatedork in June, 2017, the Chicago based firm has an admirable track record of matching buyers with sellers, designing successful exit strategies and structuring complex contracts. The firm’s core investment banking competencies include: Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax Compliance, Bankruptcy, Private Placement Advisory and Corporate governance. MSC’s reputation as the middle market investment banking champion has been strengthened by its commitment to integrity and professionalism.


Recently, the firm was elected the sole financial advisor for a leading software analytics company, DCG Software. The company went into a merger with Spitfire Group. DCG Software provides a wide range of automated, smart software services, including software estimation, value management service and project support. Spitfire on its part is a renowned business and technology consulting firm operating out of Denver, Colorado. Over the years, MSC has been honored with a number M&A Advisor awards for its role in overseeing several successful acquisitions, as was the case of Dowco Group acquisition of Acuna and Associates.


Dowco is a leading player in the steel infrastructural development sector, where it offers expertise in areas like steel detailing and modeling. Madison Street Capital’s expertise in overseeing strategic deal making came into limelight recently when it assisted ARES Security Corporation coordinate a minority equity and subordinated debt investment. The Virginia based ARES offers enterprise security management services to businesses, corporate clients and governments. After the closing, the president of the Ares Security Corporation, Mr. Ben Eazzetta lauded MSC for its due diligence and crucial role in helping his firm raise capital and find an ideal partner.


In yet another score for the investment banking outfit, Madison recently acted as the exclusive advisor to HeartSync, which successfully secured growth capital. The infusion was designed to help the company extend its service offerings and expand its current client base. The deal was harmonized by Decathlon Capital Partners. Executives and members of staff working at Madison Street Capital have engineered all the successes and achievements the company has achieved since its inception. In 2016, the company released a comprehensive hedge fund M&A outlook with far reaching implications.


According to Hedgeweek, a statement released by the company’s Senior MD Mr. Kark D’Cunha indicated that 42 hedge fund deals were either announced or finalized globally in 2015. This was a 27% increase compared to 2014. The improvement was attributed to a strong deal mechanisms being crafted to accommodate buyers and sellers, fast growing M&A market and restructuring of deals. Moving into 2016 and beyond, the company noted that new deals were being structured as incubator deals, seed, PE bolt-ons and revenue share stakes.


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