Robert Johnson becomes spokesman for Wireless Containment System

A few years after Robert Johnson had graduated from high school, he answered an ad in a local Florida newspaper in which the state’s Department of Corrections had expressed a need for new prison guards. Johnson had spent the years after graduation bouncing from one dead-end job to the next, never finding anything that suited him. He had briefly considered going to college, but the huge amount of student debt that he would have needed to take out was off-putting.


Johnson went to the Department of Corrections job fair and was quickly hired on as a new recruit. As a large and physically imposing man with a friendly demeanor, Johnson was exactly the type of person who the recruiter knew was likely to make an excellent prison guard. It didn’t take long for Johnson to prove him right.


After just a few years on the job, Johnson knew that he had finally found something that he loved to do and that paid well. He quickly moved up the ranks, becoming a shift supervisor then going for more elite roles. By the time Johnson had been on the job for 10 years, he was leading an elite team known as SERT, which performed some of the most dangerous tasks in the state’s prison system.


On one occasion, Johnson and his team were called in to perform a surprise raid on the cell of an inmate who was suspected of dealing narcotics. As usual, Johnson himself led the charge, removing the inmate forcibly and turning the entire cell upside down. Johnson emerged after a couple of minutes holding a yellow package. It contained powder.


Tests later revealed that the package was full of nearly pure heroin, an amount of drugs that had a value inside the prison in excess of $150,000. It was one of the largest drug busts in the FDOC’s history, and Johnson was hailed as a hero. Not everyone was so amused, though.


One morning, as Johnson was getting ready for work, a gunman stormed into his kitchen. Firing 6 shots from a .45 caliber handgun at nearly point-blank range, he left Johnson for dead. By some miracle, Johnson was able to pull through. But he was left badly disabled. After more than 15 years, Johnson was forced to quit his post with the FDOC.


But fate intervened, and Johnson was given a new opportunity. It turned out that the hitman that had nearly killed him had been ordered to carry out the hit through the use of a contraband cellphone. Now, Securus Technologies was giving Johnson a chance to prevent the same thing from befalling other corrections officers. He is now the company spokesman for the Wireless Containment System, a device proven to completely eliminate all illegal cellular calls from prisons where it is installed.

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