Securus Provides New Cell Blocking Services

Operating and managing a correctional facility or other law-enforcement facility is a very challenging job. Does that work in these facilities have to deal with a significant amount of risks and other concerns that people in other jobs could not even imagine. While controlling inmates has always been a challenge, it has become a little bit more complicated in recent years due to advancements in technology. One of the harder challenges that a correctional facility has to deal with today is finding a way to control inmate communication.


Today, inmates have the ability to sneak cell phones and other wireless devices into the prison cells. Once they have these inside, they can be used for a variety of purposes, some of which could be illegal or malicious. Because of this, cell phones are not typically allowed for use by inmates unless they are carefully monitored. Unfortunately, stopping these inmates from having them snuck in by a visitor can be extremely challenging. While there is only so much that can be done to prevent someone from sneaking a cell phone into the prison, there is now technology that could make them less functional.


Securus Technologies is a company that specializes in providing communications and security services to law-enforcement agencies across the country. The company currently has a client list of more than 1000 facilities across the country that ultimately serve more than 1 million inmates. Traditionally, the company has focused on providing services that can help to provide secure communication options. However, they now provide some other solutions as well.


The company recently announced a new product called eight wireless containment system. The wireless containment system works to block signals coming from unauthorized cell phones. Correctional facilities will be able to purchase one of these systems and then have it expertly installed in their property. The company will be able to carefully review the schematics of the property to determine the most efficient way to install it. Once it is installed, those that are located in their cells or other common areas will not be able to send or receive an unauthorized call.


By having this product installed, prison officials will once again have a better control of outside communication completed by inmates. This can prove to be a very valuable level of additional security as it could help to prevent crimes from occurring. Securus Technologies could also help a correctional facility by providing alternative communication options. These can include utilizing a video visitation service that provides a great communication option and more security. Those that have these security and communication products installed also find that it reduces the need for in person visitation, which provides a great administrative and security relief.


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