Bob Reina’s Success With Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion can be given a significant amount of the credit for having advanced technology. What many people thought would turn out a complete failure ended up being a success story. Talk Fusion has played a significant role in the rapid growth of communication around the world. They had helped advance communication for individuals as well as corporations. Talk Fusion was created after Bob Reina the Founder and Chief Executive Officer tried to send a video email through AOL. He was viewing a potential house and wanted to get his family’s input before finalizing the purchase. Instead of the message sending, he got an error message. He contacted AOL about making video messages, but they told him that it was impossible. Now the He met with his friend that was very knowledgeable about technology to begin creating a possible video marketing idea.

Talk Fusion is one of Bob Reina’s many ideas that came and took the world by storm. He had marketing business while he worked as a police officer, but he wanted to build something that he would be able to do for the rest of his life. He wanted to do something that he was passionate about. Marketing was his passion. In 2007 Bob Reina launched Talk Fusion and quit his job as Hillsborough County Sheriff Deputy to follow his dream.

Talk Fusion is now an impactful video communications company in Brandon, Florida. Talk Fusion has expanded into over 140 countries. They have continued to grow since they opened.

Talk Fusion aims to help companies beat their competition. Bob Reina and Talk Fusion have provided businesses with a variety of options to offer attention grabbing, indelible, and unbelievable products to their customers.

Talk Fusion gives quality products to companies and the people in their community. They believe in helping everyone. He created motivational videos to inspire the people that work for Talk Fusion to be the best at what they do. He makes sure that he is in sync with the feelings of his employees to make sure that they are productive and interested in the work that they are doing. Bob Reina firmly believes in developing and advancing humanity. He showed his love for animals after he adopted a dog that lost one of its front legs in an alligator attack. He lives to prove that he cares and has compassion for others.

On April 25, 2017, Huffington Post name changed to HuffPost. Along with the name change, HuffPost updated their companies goal to serve customers. They strive “to tell the stories of people who have been left out of the conversation.”. They value Reina because he has contributed valuable information to HuffPost since 2016. Learn more:

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