Fabletics Continues to Find Success

Finding success in today’s economy is a lot easier than it used to be. In the past, larger corporations dominated the markets with brilliant advertisement and customer loyalty. As technology consumed the economy, every market was flooded with fraudulent companies selling over-priced products and services that weren’t worth half the money they charged.

This made modern consumers feel betrayed, and they began researching businesses before making any purchase decisions. Part of their initial research involves reading several online reviews. The power that online reviews have on consumers’ purchases caused many companies to develop new review-centric marketing strategies.

Depending on the source, some say that this change in consumer behavior is bad. For some companies, that’s true. For most, user reviews are a form of free advertising. A lot of newer brands, who are more tech-savvy, are taking advantage of this trend by encouraging their customers to use crowd-sourced reviews to aid their purchase decisions.

According to a lot of experts, people no longer trust traditional marketing and advertising anymore. Companies will only tell people the positive aspects of a product, but online opinions and feedback from other customers have a higher degree of safety and truth to them. The smartest companies leverage this to their benefit.

One of the smartest brands is Fabletics. Fabletics began as a company that embraced its members’ opinions and used their feedback to create better products. The activewear movement started long before Fabletics launched in 2013, but Fabletics made activewear an international craze.

Now, four years later, Fabletics is a $250 million business with tens of millions of social media followers. It’s because of those fans and the 1.2 million paying members that Fabletics found success in a market dominated by powerhouses like Under Armour and Lululemon. There’s something about Fabletics that just keeps women coming back for more.

There’s a personal energy that Fabletics gives off that just makes the brand seem fun and playful. Many argue that the person behind Fabletic’s fun energy is Kate Hudson. She plays an integral role in the company’s operations, even working with every department on a regular basis.

For Hudson, she cares about getting America to a healthier place as much as she cares about creating on-trend fashion. Her goal: get every woman to embrace an active, healthy lifestyle. That’s not an easy goal, but she hopes to use fashion to inspire women to take every step one day at a time.

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