Ambassador Life with Daniel Taub

Being an ambassador is a noble role. However, following an excellent course does not come free. There a lot of sacrifices that one has to make. The position of being an ambassador can only be taken by an individual who is fully committed and dedicated to serving his country. A citizen who understands the will of his people and what is good for his country. An individual who is ready to intermarry the beliefs of his people to those of the new state.

Daniel Taub has been Israelis ambassador to Britain for four years. His reign has been everything like he expected it to be. The two countries are closer than they were ever before. They have exchanged culture and lifestyle. The economic factor of the countries has improved tremendously. This has been very helpful to the citizens of both states.

The value of their trade is $7 million. There 300 Israeli businesses in Britain. This is a great boost to the people of Britain. They can enjoy a variety of products in their shopping. The competition that the businesses have brought has led to quality products and fair prices. Every manufacturer has a role in convincing a customer why they should pick their products over other products.

Daniel Taub recalls his incident with the queen when he went to represent his credentials officially as the ambassador of Israeli to Britain. She asked her how it could feel representing a foreign country in his birth country. One of the concerns of the Queen was that he had to lose his Britain citizenship to undertake the role.

Daniel Taub, on the other hand, wasn’t worried. On the contrary, he was happy for the opportunity life had offered him. Him being an ambassador of Israeli, meant a lot of things. To begin with, he finally had a chance to raise his children in their historic country. Then there was the primary goal. This was to bring the two countries closer and improve their relationship. To Taub, this was the only way he could show appreciation to the two countries.

As he steps down, his happy to see that he managed to accomplish his goals that he four years ago. Everyone in his party seconds him on the fact that he achieved a lot in his reign. Everyone is sad to see him leave. They hope that the next ambassador of Israel will have the same spirit. Daniel Taub’s reign will forever be remembered.


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