Glen Wakeman Talks About What Increases His Productivity

Good ideas from talented start-up fail despite the money behind them. Glen Wakeman is passionate about building businesses. He helps startups put a plan to their ideas through more straightforward software to enjoy an accelerating growth curve by ensuring their productivity.

The mentoring and business revolutionary best known for applying a proven methodology that assesses and improves the five key dimensions of performance shared on how he increases his productivity.

Trust and division of Duties

The CEO typically begins the day by reviewing the previous day’s activities before conferencing with his partners to divide the daily duties. Together, they get into researching critical business areas like current customer trends, corresponding to inquiries, and assessing their competition.

Machine learning

Applying machine learning to business problems helps make sense of a significant amount of data at our disposal. Machine learning not only allows the startup to make insightful process improvements but also, improves on decision-making, speed, and overall quality. However, Glen Wakeman concerns relate to the present privacy concerns.

High curiosity

According to Glen Wakeman, curiosity and interest see him through problem-solving procedures allowing him to think to achieve customer satisfaction innovatively. This trait helps him question why things appear the way they do and know how to change them for the better.

Save time or Money, or both

Glen Wakeman recommends several web services that help increase productivity (Ideamensch). The founder of LaunchPad Holdings that provides automated Software service to enables start-up entrepreneurs to organize their ideas into a workable plan; recommends live chat to inexpensively and professionally service customers. Others include Doodle to plan meetings, calendars, general time management while allowing one to keep their administrative costs low consistently. Lastly, Fiver that is not only a faster and cheaper method of sourcing resources globally but also offer helpful reviews for making better choices on so many levels.

Glen’s last role was CEO of GE Money Latin America, where he built a start-up up to nine-country operation business, exceeding twelve billion dollars in assets, a hundred million dollars in annual earnings, and 17,000 employees.

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