The Threats that the DACA Program Faces

Various extremist members of the Republican Party have been attacking the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and the news has reached organization and networks that have been established by young immigrants. DACA offers undocumented individuals who have met specific conditions amnesty from being deported, a social security number, and a chance to be employed in the United States. The permits of these individuals are valid for two years and need to be renewed when the period is over. Most American states currently allow DACA-eligible persons to be offered drivers licenses, and they also qualify for in-state-tuition fees.

Ken Paxton, who is the Texas Attorney General recently wrote to the Trump administration to request for the withdrawal of the DACA plan before September 5th. The A.G further said that he would take legal action if the government would not honor his demands. The termination will be done in phases whereby there will be no new applicants and renewals. The later has the names of one governor and nine attorney generals. Hispanic Caucus members recently had a meeting with the John Kelly who is the Secretary of Homeland. Kelly said that the more than 800,000 people are protected by the plan, and their future in the United States is at risk. According to him, several lawsuits have been filed to challenge the program. This forced him to communicate to the affected individuals.

Immigrant advocates and Dreamers have been talking about the issue for the past couple of weeks they believe that Kelly’s statement is worrying. The DACA program has been operational for five years, and it has significantly benefited the United States. Approximately 95 percent of the individuals who have qualified for DACA work, study, or do both. They pay millions of the dollars to universities and colleges across the country. Most of these individuals have strived to increase their income, and they pay high taxes. DACA individuals mainly invest their earnings in acquiring homes, cars, and establishing businesses.

A couple of studies have been conducted, and most of them show that the DACA program has been successful. Dreamers and advocates across the country are scared. People should, however, stop panicking and fight against any efforts that aim at abolishing DACA. Showing passion just like in 2012 will help in improving the situation. Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund will assist in fighting for the plan and also work towards finding a long term solution such as the formation of a Dream Act law.

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  • Marley Rowan

    November 18, 2017

    No one can fully control such programs as the DACA in this case and I think this shows the need to have a more signaled educational approach. More studies from the ninjaessays will even help to show that there is need to give more funding to such movements. All I can see in this case is that it will ensure that there is more closeness to the reaching of equality in our world today.


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