Dick DeVos: Making A Difference In Michigan

Dick DeVos is a philanthropist who has taken his love for helping people to a whole new level. He has changed the lives of numerous people all over the country and has provided them with the aid that they need to lead better lives. DeVos currently lives in the state of Michigan, and actively works towards maintaining the state and all the natural beauty that is present therein. He is an active supporter of movements that help the development of the country and has also been actively involved with the governmental and political scene in Michigan. Back in the nineties, DeVos also ran for the position of governor of Michigan. Even though he did not get the position that he had hoped for, he continued to work for the upliftment of the state.


DeVos has always been one to extend a helping hand to people, ever since the beginning of his career. To help him continue his efforts to people in need, he founded the DeVos Family Foundation along with his wife, Betsy DeVos. Together, the couple has changed the lives of thousands of individuals, and has helped numerous charities and causes all over the country. Education is one of the main things that the organization was formed to support. For this purpose, the foundation has a special Education Fund to help children, so that they can be provided with the funds to attain a better degree of education. The organization supports children coming from underprivileged backgrounds and provides them with the resources to go and seek a higher level of education at private schools. By doing this, the organization has given these students a new hope for their future. DeVos also provides scholarships to people who are passing out of the MBA courses at his Alma Mater. These scholarships are given to students who do well so that they can go on and start up their own businesses within the state of Michigan. By aiding them in this way, DeVos is also helping the economy of the state, and in turn supporting the development of Michigan.


Dick DeVos has also donated to organizations that are helping to maintain the natural beauty of the state. Through the organization, DeVos has provided funds to these charities, to aid their efforts at preserving the state and everything in it. He has also actively been involved with projects that help remove the pollutants from the water bodies in the state.


DeVos is also one of the biggest businessmen in the country, owing to the fact that he was at one point the CEO of Amway. Amway is a multinational company that provides healthcare and nutritional supplements to numerous people all over the world.


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