Changing The Global Investment Game with Madison Street capital

Madison Capital, a universal savings bank, was the primary financial advisor that aided ARES Security Corporation to organize a subordinated and minority equity liability investment for its customer base. ARES is a found in Vienna in VA, and it is the biggest enterprise security risk-management company which avails its clients with a broad end-to-end security software solutions. A company known as Corbel Structured Equity Partners was the one that provided the Minority Recapitalization. The Madison Street Capital CEO, Charles Botchway, was the one that went ahead to make available. The Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, Reginald McGaugh, was the one that led this transaction to its completion.



Reginald mentioned in a statement that it was a big honor for them to work with Ben Eazzetta, a shareholder, and the President of ARES Security to acquire the investment required. He noted as well that ARES is a company that has a suite of technology solutions that is high-end which serves to secure some of the sphere’s top most possessions. Reginald acknowledged that the corporation had within itself a great board and management team that drove them to recognize the best partner for financing. Ben Eazzetta said that he and his company are grateful to Madison Street Capital and the amount of tough labor they put in to achieve their goal back in 2016. He added that Madison Street Capital made a big impression during the investment which included valuation analysis, the capital raising process as well as their due initial due diligence.



ARES noted that by working hand in hand with Corbel in structuring the investment was a viable move to come up with a proper value for equity. The flexibility and partnership that was operationally-supportive coming from Corbel would help them to commence with its significant trades force and also benefit from some fresh income prospects in a profound bench of business connections belonging to Corbel.



Madison Capital a banking firm whose main focus is in global investment and commits itself to handling excellence, valuation services to private and public businesses, acquisition know how, mergers, control, and package in conveying business fiscal aiding services. Such mentioned services and their clientele to be quite successful in the marketplace, globally. They take up their client’s objectives, and goals of their own, from M&A Transactions, ownership transfers, financial advisory and successful capital raises. The Madison Street Capital reputation earned the client’s trust worldwide due to how dedicated they are to providing high-quality professional standards.

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