Eli Gershkovitch Builds an Empire from a Brew Pub

Canadians are known for loving their beer, especially craft beer. Reports confirm that beer sales in Canada have been flat since 1985, but craft beer sales have continued rising. The market is so robust that Niagara College is offering a post-brew-master program. These breweries were called micro-breweries, but some have become quite large. Quebec’s McAuslan Brewery has sales of over $20 million per year.


How do you decide on a craft beer? According to taste of course. Imperial pale ales are more bitter than regular ales. They have extra hops. If you want gluten-free beer, look at Brasseurs’ beer (BeerMe). They are made from Millet and grains other than wheat and barley. Wheat beer is lighter in taste and doesn’t have much of an aftertaste. Denisons Brewing makes wheat beer. Porter beers are dark and a bit sweeter in taste. Black Oak Brewery has a cinnamon spiced flavor. These are just a few types of craft beer. There are several other popular types.

Eli Gershkovitch has been making craft beer for over 21 years (http://www.westender.com/eat-drink/steamworks-is-much-more-than-a-brew-pub-1.879352). He says he has seen the cycles. He owns Steamworks Brew Pub, which opened in 1995. At the time craft beer manufacturers were a novelty. Now they are the norm. He started his place with 184 seats, but has expanded to 754 currently. He expanded the Pub with Transcontinental Restaurant which became the Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar.


In 2013, Eli Gershkovitch opened at full-scale brewery. His revenue has increased by 50 percent. His sales have gone worldwide as well. He currently sells to a number of Canadian Provinces, the United States, Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Eli Gershkovitch says that he is experiencing a completely new phase of the industry from when he ran his brew pub alone. Gershkovitch says his title of CEO of the company, but he really is the chief creative officer of the firm.


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