Jason Hope Looks To Tackle Big Issues Of Coming Technologies

Jason Hope is one of America’s most prolific tech entrepreneurs. Having founded many of his own successful companies, he has earned the respect of many industry observers and has himself become something of a guru on all things technical.

Hope has always been an eternal optimist. For him, the technology glass is always half full. There’s always more to be gained by technology and the journey provided by the process of innovation than any Luddite existence could guarantee. But Hope’s expansive view and virtuosic entrepreneurialism also give a unique vantage point to see all of the problems that are associated with these new technologies and that, someday soon, society will be forced to grapple with.

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One man’s job displacement is another man’s leisure time

One of the points that Jason Hope tries to get across to his readers is that the future is largely already here. Among Millennials, almost every metric of social progress of their parents and grandparents is lagging. Of course, it is debatable whether those same metrics are relevant in today’s socioeconomic scene. Either way, there’s no question that things like marriage, first-time home ownership, full-time employment, among many other benchmarks of progression into adulthood, are seriously lagging in the 20-35 demographic, relative to 40 or 50 years ago.

But Hope sees this as inevitable. He believes that the expectation of maintaining a large percentage of the workforce employed will be increasingly unrealistic. Because of this, he says, society will eventually need to adopt some version of the universal basic income.

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  • Crystal Brecken

    December 22, 2017

    I don’t know if people are seeing the same indicators and factors in what technologies would have to do in the future. Although college papers co uk reach the heights in making a better report in some of these statistics, I like what Jason Hope is doing. What this will result in is new crop of technologist taht will think differently about our world of challenges.


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