Small Company Talos Energy Offered Big Results

Since WorkBoat announced the first oil well to be drilled off the coast of Mexico in 80 years by the private sector on May 30, 2017, the operator, Talos Energy has completed the Zama 1 project. Partnered with Sierra Oil and Gas of Mexico and London based Premier Oil, Talos announced July 31, 2017 the completion of drilling operations and the initial oil in place volume from 1.4 to 2 billion barrels. In the article, “Mexico Oil Reform Advances With First Private Well In 80 Years,” published by WorkBoat, the estimation was 100-500 million barrels of crude. Zama was described as one of the most interesting exploration wells to be drilled in the sector.

Talos, a technically driven exploration and production company focused on exploration, development and acquiring oil and natural gas properties in the Gulf of Mexico and the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coasts, was named the number one small business to work for by Workplace Dynamics in 2011. The same experienced leadership that built and sold two Gulf of Mexico oil and gas companies before 2012 with decades of experience in offshore exploration and production are at the helm. It has the same expert experienced leadership that started Phoenix and Gryphon Exploration Companies, companies that continue to deliver significant returns to their investors.

Talos and its partners Premier and Sierra are analyzing the data gather from Zama 1 and evaluating the best way to appraise and develop the historic discovery according to president and CEO Tim Duncan included in the press release issued July 31, 2017. Zama was completed ahead of schedule, safely and without incidents which Mr. Duncan sited as an excellent example of the benefits of having a smaller operator. “We can match the operational sophistication of our larger peers, but with a heightened sense of urgency,” touted Duncan. Talos Energy continue to rapidly grow and have a strong commitment to safe and environmentally compliant operations. With innovative techniques and cutting edge seismic technologies, Talos constantly strive to find new and better ways to operate, giving them a competitive edge.


Julia Jackson Keeping Wine in the Family

Julia Jackson is the daughter of Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke. Jess and Barbara worked for years to establish their business in the wine industry creating Jackson Family Wines.

Julia grew up with her sister Katie, and the two of them are following in their parents’ footsteps as they immerse themselves into the family business producing quality wines. Julia Jackson fondly remembers her father teaching her to pick and sort grapes. It’s only natural she would have a passion for the wine industry.

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Julia has also done extensive traveling, both for pleasure and business. The family owns wineries in France, Italy, Australia, South Africa, Chile, and of course in the United States. Julia also has a passion for France and the French language stemming back from when she was a child and started up a friendship with a French speaking girl.

Julia obtained her bachelor’s degree from Scripps College. She also has a master’s degree from Stanford in business. Julia has a special interest in helping women. She founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, which is a program designed to help celebrate “Warrior Women.” These women include those who have proven themselves through overcoming many obstacles and taking the time to help others in their communities. The program has an annual award given to nonprofit organizations that meet the criteria of promoting equality, community, and spirit, totaling $100,000.

Sonoma is well known for its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir; Julia argues that it’s the best place for Cabernet. The family’s Vérité La Joie is a Cabernet-dominant Bordeaux blend that has consistently ranked high among Cabernets and happens to be notably less expensive.

Julia Jackson has had the opportunity of rubbing elbows with Hollywood’s elite. Her family’s wine is prominent and in demand. As part of a pre-Oscar dinner, Julia gave attendees a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, created by Chris Carpenter, the family’s winery acclaimed winemaker.

Dick DeVos: Making A Difference In Michigan

Dick DeVos is a philanthropist who has taken his love for helping people to a whole new level. He has changed the lives of numerous people all over the country and has provided them with the aid that they need to lead better lives. DeVos currently lives in the state of Michigan, and actively works towards maintaining the state and all the natural beauty that is present therein. He is an active supporter of movements that help the development of the country and has also been actively involved with the governmental and political scene in Michigan. Back in the nineties, DeVos also ran for the position of governor of Michigan. Even though he did not get the position that he had hoped for, he continued to work for the upliftment of the state.


DeVos has always been one to extend a helping hand to people, ever since the beginning of his career. To help him continue his efforts to people in need, he founded the DeVos Family Foundation along with his wife, Betsy DeVos. Together, the couple has changed the lives of thousands of individuals, and has helped numerous charities and causes all over the country. Education is one of the main things that the organization was formed to support. For this purpose, the foundation has a special Education Fund to help children, so that they can be provided with the funds to attain a better degree of education. The organization supports children coming from underprivileged backgrounds and provides them with the resources to go and seek a higher level of education at private schools. By doing this, the organization has given these students a new hope for their future. DeVos also provides scholarships to people who are passing out of the MBA courses at his Alma Mater. These scholarships are given to students who do well so that they can go on and start up their own businesses within the state of Michigan. By aiding them in this way, DeVos is also helping the economy of the state, and in turn supporting the development of Michigan.


Dick DeVos has also donated to organizations that are helping to maintain the natural beauty of the state. Through the organization, DeVos has provided funds to these charities, to aid their efforts at preserving the state and everything in it. He has also actively been involved with projects that help remove the pollutants from the water bodies in the state.


DeVos is also one of the biggest businessmen in the country, owing to the fact that he was at one point the CEO of Amway. Amway is a multinational company that provides healthcare and nutritional supplements to numerous people all over the world.


Changing The Global Investment Game with Madison Street capital

Madison Capital, a universal savings bank, was the primary financial advisor that aided ARES Security Corporation to organize a subordinated and minority equity liability investment for its customer base. ARES is a found in Vienna in VA, and it is the biggest enterprise security risk-management company which avails its clients with a broad end-to-end security software solutions. A company known as Corbel Structured Equity Partners was the one that provided the Minority Recapitalization. The Madison Street Capital CEO, Charles Botchway, was the one that went ahead to make available. The Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, Reginald McGaugh, was the one that led this transaction to its completion.



Reginald mentioned in a statement that it was a big honor for them to work with Ben Eazzetta, a shareholder, and the President of ARES Security to acquire the investment required. He noted as well that ARES is a company that has a suite of technology solutions that is high-end which serves to secure some of the sphere’s top most possessions. Reginald acknowledged that the corporation had within itself a great board and management team that drove them to recognize the best partner for financing. Ben Eazzetta said that he and his company are grateful to Madison Street Capital and the amount of tough labor they put in to achieve their goal back in 2016. He added that Madison Street Capital made a big impression during the investment which included valuation analysis, the capital raising process as well as their due initial due diligence.



ARES noted that by working hand in hand with Corbel in structuring the investment was a viable move to come up with a proper value for equity. The flexibility and partnership that was operationally-supportive coming from Corbel would help them to commence with its significant trades force and also benefit from some fresh income prospects in a profound bench of business connections belonging to Corbel.



Madison Capital a banking firm whose main focus is in global investment and commits itself to handling excellence, valuation services to private and public businesses, acquisition know how, mergers, control, and package in conveying business fiscal aiding services. Such mentioned services and their clientele to be quite successful in the marketplace, globally. They take up their client’s objectives, and goals of their own, from M&A Transactions, ownership transfers, financial advisory and successful capital raises. The Madison Street Capital reputation earned the client’s trust worldwide due to how dedicated they are to providing high-quality professional standards.

Reasons Why UKV PLC Should Be Your Wine Investment Go To

United Kingdom Vintners is a wine investment company established in the United Kingdom in 2005. The company has a small group of personnel who guide customers in purchasing wine of their choice in consideration to both their budget and preferences. As an independent company, UKV PLC has a variety of brokers they buy unique wine and hard to find champagne. This company deals with the process of acquiring, supplying and selling bonded wine for their customers. They additionally offer brokerage to clients interested in investing in grade wine via regulatory bonds in the UK.

With its main offices in Croydon, United Kingdom the company has other offices in London, United Kingdom. The company has an extensive base of clients from private individuals, and trade customers. The staff serves customers by offering consultancy services at their regional offices, over the telephone and even private calls at the homes or offices of their clients. Interested customers can also book appointments for further consultancy. The team ensures that the customers always stay in the loop of contemporary market trends. Their services are both professional and of high quality.

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The UKV PLC also offer advice to individuals interested in the wine investment market. With the constant demand for wine and the subsidized production cost, the wine business has promising returns. Wine is a product exempted from capital gains tax. Therefore, the sales don’t go under capital gains tax.

According to a blog by the United Kingdom Vintners investing in a good brand of wine assures a return of up to 15% In case of accidents the products are fully insured and are replaceable by the insurance company.

Eli Gershkovitch Builds an Empire from a Brew Pub

Canadians are known for loving their beer, especially craft beer. Reports confirm that beer sales in Canada have been flat since 1985, but craft beer sales have continued rising. The market is so robust that Niagara College is offering a post-brew-master program. These breweries were called micro-breweries, but some have become quite large. Quebec’s McAuslan Brewery has sales of over $20 million per year.


How do you decide on a craft beer? According to taste of course. Imperial pale ales are more bitter than regular ales. They have extra hops. If you want gluten-free beer, look at Brasseurs’ beer (BeerMe). They are made from Millet and grains other than wheat and barley. Wheat beer is lighter in taste and doesn’t have much of an aftertaste. Denisons Brewing makes wheat beer. Porter beers are dark and a bit sweeter in taste. Black Oak Brewery has a cinnamon spiced flavor. These are just a few types of craft beer. There are several other popular types.

Eli Gershkovitch has been making craft beer for over 21 years ( He says he has seen the cycles. He owns Steamworks Brew Pub, which opened in 1995. At the time craft beer manufacturers were a novelty. Now they are the norm. He started his place with 184 seats, but has expanded to 754 currently. He expanded the Pub with Transcontinental Restaurant which became the Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar.


In 2013, Eli Gershkovitch opened at full-scale brewery. His revenue has increased by 50 percent. His sales have gone worldwide as well. He currently sells to a number of Canadian Provinces, the United States, Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Eli Gershkovitch says that he is experiencing a completely new phase of the industry from when he ran his brew pub alone. Gershkovitch says his title of CEO of the company, but he really is the chief creative officer of the firm.


George Soros Returns to Politics and Makes a Statement

The 2016 election campaign is going to one day be looked at in history classes as a great turning point in our country. The election campaign of Donald Trump was one for the history books and his fierce battle with Hillary Clinton and the rest of the establishment politicians in Washington will be studied in perpetuity. Perhaps lost in the entire ruckus was something even more important, at least to politics over the next four to eight years: the return of George Soros. Soros is a self made billionaire whose story would make for an incredible Hollywood movie. He is viciously against everything that President Trump stands for and was so inspired by his disdain for the man that he returned to politics to oppose him. Learn more about his profile at

During the election campaign Donald Trump used hateful rhetoric that was anti-immigrant, anti-democracy, and anti-progress and George Soros couldn’t idly sit by. Soros had last been a major player in mainstream politics back in 2004 when he worked alongside Al Gore to try and get him elected in a fierce battle against George W Bush. While Soros and Gore notably failed, despite the controversy surrounding the election, Soros had cemented himself as a major player in progressive politics. Democrats finally had their own billionaire mega philanthropist to help combat the perpetual money machine that Republicans have utilized for generations.

Michael Vachon, a political adviser to George Soros, told reporters that Soros returned to the political fray due to how high the stakes were growing. Vachon pointed to Trump’s dangerous policies as one of the driving forces but noted that hostilities between the right wing and left wing were already at an all time high, even without Trump stirring things up in the middle. Still, it is hard to ignore the fact that Trump’s rhetoric was a big reason that Soros returned to the campaign trail. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

When Soros jumped back into the election process he immediately put his money where his beliefs were. Soros would donate close to $25 million to progressive politicians up and down the ticket, including $7 million to a PAC that was Pro-Clinton. Soros donated to notable PACs that supported voting rights for immigrants, he donated to opposition research PACs, and he donated in support of Clinton just as much. Soros was notably impressed with Hillary Clinton because he felt that she had an open door to progressives and would answer the phone if they called with a question or suggestion. Soros also reached out to End Citizens United in order to donate as well.

With George Soros back in the fray progressives have a silver lining to the election of Donald Trump. Soros is going to do everything in his sizable power to keep progress on the table in the United States.

Glen Wakeman Creates Business For Young Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman has more than twenty years of experience in the finance and business industries. After working his way up in the business, he decided to set out on his own and he founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC in 2015. He began his introduction to this field with a strong background in education. He attended the University Scranton in and got his bachelors of science degree in Economics and Finance. He then went on to attend the University of Chicago and got him MBA in Finance. After he graduated, Glen Wakeman started working at the GE Capital and this was how he was first introduced to the P&L and developmental business roles. After working at GE Capital, he moved over to the Doral Financial Corporation as their CEO and President (Doral Financial Corporation Names Glen Wakeman President). He also served as one of their Board Chairmans. Mr. Wakeman then founded the company Nova Four and was recognized as on of the Growth Leadership roles on the Board of Directors at GE Capital.

Mr. Glen Wakeman has made a name for himself in his business by bringing innovative ideas to the companies he works at. He is known to his help with other beginning entrepreneurs and he enjoys mentoring them and giving them tips. He has been able to improve all the businesses he has worked with and led them to further development. He has guidance a variety of new companies and start ups, as well promoting exponential growth and divestitures. He came up with a promising system that allows for innovative and creativity within the workplace. This system follows to the format of risk management, human capital, leadership, governance, and finally the execration of all these practices.

Mr. Wakeman also has his own blog where he writes about his experiences in finance and other fiscal matters. He has been able to help many different executives and given them to advice and guidance that they need. He is also knowledgeable about international affairs and writes about what is going on globally, their markets, new leadership, and advice about capital raising and financing. Mr. Wakeman is in charge of businesses in 30 different regions all over the world.

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The Path that Dick Devos took to the top of the Corporate World

Many people think that to be successful in business, having some training in a business related course at the University is all you need. While it is true that basic college training is essential to equip the person with basic business management skills, there is more that goes into the making of an entrepreneur and business leader. When Dick Devos graduated from Northwood University with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, he knew that was his first step towards his successful career in business leadership.

The first significant leadership role he played was when he was appointed the CEO at Orlando Magic. This is a position that he got in 1991. Three decades after this first appointment, he has created quite a name and a legacy in business administration. He has worked in so many leadership positions that he is termed as one of the most experienced business management experts in the country.


After working for several companies, Dick decided to set up his company, the Windquest Group. He has been the CEO of the company for the 14 years that it has been in operation. The primary mandate of the group is to help people to manage their investment choices. The Headquarters of the company are in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company focuses on fields such as technology, clean tech solutions, hospitality, non-profit organizations, and manufacturing.


One of the things that you will notice different about Dick is the fact that he is an expert in multi-tasking. For instance, he was still the president and CEO at Windquest when he started the West Michigan Aviation Academy, where he heads the board of management. He has chaired the Willow Creek Committee and the Grand Action Committee. The former is an organization that allows young men to learn what they need to about ministry in the church. The group has been in operation since 2007 and has helped many young people with their religious issues.


The skills that he says have helped him become the leader he is today include being a strategic planner, team building, oratory skills, customer service and his ability to relate well to non-profit bodies.


Besides the work and the tremendous growth that his career has gone through, Dick is also a family man. He loves to spend time with his wife and children when he is not busy working. Besides this, he is also very deeply engrossed with several community uplifting organizations. He comes from a family of men who are good in business, and he is thought to have inherited his strong business acumen from his father. Dick Devos has worked hard to rise to the top, and there is no doubt that Dick Devos is one of the most inspirational business leaders today.




Karl Heideck On Wells Fargo Redlining

The article “Karl Heideck Explains the Lawsuit by Philadelphia Against Wells Fargo” is about how Wells Fargo offered risky loans to minorities and was then sued for its risky practices that affected people from 2004-2014.

Karl Heideck is a contract attorney that has practiced for more than a decade in law. He graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts degree at Swarthmore College and in 2009 got his Juris Doctor from Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law.

At one point, Karl Heideck worked for Pepper Hamilton LLP and also held an associate position at Conrad O’Brien. He offers multiple services including risk management, product liability, and employment proceedings.

Karl Heideck discusses in the article about what Wells Fargo said in regards to the allegations. According to the document, Wells Fargo disagrees that they ever used unfair practices in their loans to minorities.

Some of the evidence that was presented as proof of the allegations was that minorities with a FICO score of 660 or higher were given riskier loans than that of a white borrower with the same score. This caused the foreclosure rate in minority neighborhoods to increase, as well as decrease the living quality in those areas. It was made practically impossible for those minority borrowers to refinance their homes later on and would eventually just end up foreclosing. The issues presented because of Wells Fargo have hurt Philadelphia badly and has caused a higher rate of crime and lower neighborhood values.

As Karl Heideck gets into Wells Fargo more he brings up that not only is Wells Fargo being sued by the city of Philadelphia for redlining, the process of a bank not allowing a certain city to get loans because of race or ethnicity, but only two weeks prior the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that Miami could sue Bank of America and Wells Fargo under the Fair Housing Act. This came as a huge blow to Wells Fargo as they are still trying to recover from making fake customer accounts to meet a quota.